Friday, October 25, 2013

Watching the cars go by

This was indeed one of my favorite pastimes as a child, watching the cars go by! I used to sit for hours on end at our window watching as they either idled by or zoomed past our house. I loved to look at them especially so for their various colors and sizes. I was never bored and never really told anyone how much I used to enjoy watching the cars go by.

I had a little vision in those days so I used to appreciate the world of color whenever I could. I loved to imagine that I could drive one of them but most of all I used to make believe that I owned them all.

Of course, I was never able to decipher the makes and types of my beloved cars but that was okay. Memories of the big yellow bus, large red truck, and fast moving little blue car still resonate in my mind as I write this. Then there were the motorcycles and bicycles mixed in between. O so lovely to behold!

It did not matter whether or not it was at night, in the late evening, or anytime during the day. My cars going by were always a great pastime for me. Forever preserved in my memory bank.

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