Thursday, October 10, 2013

Handling the mail with no one around

Here is yet another challenge that I as a blind person face on a daily basis: having to handle the mail when no one is around. For the most part, it is difficult for me to find someone to sort and handle my mail on a daily basis and for the most part I need to find someone to help me do it and at their convenience.

This could be frustrating for me only if I let it be so and I have had to strategize in order to help myself. I use my portable scanner to help read the envelopes and this cuts down tremendously on time spent on this daily task. Nine out of ten times the scanner can decipher the text on the envelope and from there it is easy to sort the junk mail from the real mail.

I know what flyers and brochures feel like so those are usually tossed in the garbage first. After this the junk mail that is in envelopes follow suit and then it is time to read the bills and other letters.

Handwritten mail is usually the most difficult for me to deal with and here is where I need to find sighted assistance. With regard to bills and other mail that is typewritten, I need to take my time and read it thoroughly. All in a day's work I say to myself as it needs to be done.

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