Thursday, October 24, 2013

A memorable train ride

I still remember that very memorable train ride from Toronto to Montreal. Boy, I was so excited and at that time I had enough vision to see outside as the train rocked gently on its way to La Belle Province.

I was simply awe struck to see so many things. The blooming trees and the melting snow banks. The green grass peeking out, and houses, people and roads. It was all like a moving screen to me and I could not take my eyes off of it all.

I first paid attention to a train ride when I took the time to watch as Pierre Elliot Trudeau's train traveled from Ottawa to Montreal during his funeral procession. I was simply mesmerized and I told myself that I would some day travel that same route and I did it soon after this. I was not disappointed.

I can still remember the collage of colors as the train went by. Various shades of green to represent the blooming trees in the background with splashes of sunshine shining through. Blobs of white to represent the snow banks. Varying shades of brown to represent the roads and dirt tracks and on it went.

Any keen observer looking at me would probably have wondered why I was so taken in by what lay outside of the train's window but I did not really care what anyone thought on that memorable day. Just a lady with some vision appreciating all that went by on that day.

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