Thursday, October 3, 2013

My first memories of flames

I can still remember when I first discovered what flames looked like. I had very limited vision then so I could not really appreciate their beauty at that time. This memory is still as clear as day in my mind.

I was no more than six years old then and it was a really lovely evening in August. We kids were outside roasting cashew nuts on an outdoor fire and my cousin, Susan, brought me as close as she could to the fire and there I stood, gazing in wonder at it. I loved what I saw given my very limited vision and I think that in her child's mind Susan also seemed to appreciate my smile because she proceeded to describe the fire and the cashew nuts to me. I think that she did a really good job doing it.

When I obtained a great deal of functional vision as a teen, I grew to appreciate the beauty of flames even more. The flames of a candle, of a warm fire on a cold winter's day, and a fireside in a restaurant. Memories for me to cherish forever.

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