Friday, July 1, 2011

What forgetting does to me

In the normal scheme of things, forgetting is something that we all have to deal with, but when you are blind it means much more. It means spending so much more time looking for misplaced things and this is why I have to spend so much more time in being super organized.

Whenever I forget where I have put something, I have to resign myself to spending additional time to find it, but whereas the sighted person would be able to spot it more easily and quickly through visual checks, I have to remember and then use my hands to locate where I think it is. If it is where I think it is, then great, but if it is not then I have to use the memory process and the hand finding method to go looking.

This is why I am so organized. It works most of the time but like anything else there are those days when things go wrong.

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