Friday, October 11, 2013

Those colorful stones and pebbles

Memories of my favorite colored stones and pebbles are forever etched in my mind. Yes, and it is these types of memories that keep me on track. Oh how much I remember them and can practically see them in front of my almost sightless eyes.

I used to spend hours playing with them, either on the beach or on our porch. I would go out there and gather them while walking on the beach with my family and I would choose them based on my favorite colors. Yellow, blue, green, orange, and oh yes! The multicolored ones as well. I liked the smooth ones, the small ones, and the round or oblong ones. I would carefully place them in my bucket and then wait for a chance to play with them.

I arranged them by size. I made imaginative constructions with them and sometimes I would throw them into the water just to hear them splash. If anything, they allowed and enabled me to use my imagination to think and do all kinds of things.

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