Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dealing with dust

As a blind person it is often difficult for me to deal with dust. Dust on my counters, dust on my dressers, dust on my clothes and shoes, dust everywhere.

So how do I deal with this natural challenge of life? Well, I have a recipe which works most of the time and here are the ingredients: patience, more patience, and taking time to find it and remove it. No, it may not be the perfect recipe but it sure works for me.

I let my hands and fingers do the walking and finding, so to speak. I use my fingers and hands to find the dust, and to remove it. I really do not like the feel of dust under my hands and fingers but I put up with it. I methodically remove the dust so as not to knock over objects on my counters and dressers. With regard to my clothes, I am extra careful to brush outwards and away from the affected piece of clothes or garment so as not to allow the dust to blow back on to them.

Sometimes, of course, I may knock over something that is in my way and this can't be helped but I say to myself that it is all in a day's work. I dust regularly so as to avoid having to deal with too much dust. I am constantly checking for dust but you know what? I do it once weekly so as not to drive myself crazy.

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