Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The voices of children

They are pure and they are so innocent! They are happy and they are cheerful! They are always in my dreams and O how they make me remember so much. I can practically reach out and touch my memories, memories that I cherish and shall forever hold in my memory bank. Memories that are filled with color and sound and now that I am no longer able to see the children, I use my memories to help me keep remembering.

There was a time when I used to love to watch them play in the park. I used to love to watch them frolic on the beach and I used to love to watch them as they rushed around in the toy stores at Christmas time. I just loved watching them at play and they never minded me doing so.

Ah yes, kids and on that memorable fall day when I was invited to be a guest at a grade one class of Shannon Green! Just to hear their voices was enough for me to return home afterwards with a light spring in my step and a very happy heart. I thank Shannon every day along with her fellow teachers for having invited me to be a part of their kids’ world.

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