Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When the radio suits me best

There are some who prefer the TV, others who prefer the Internet, and then there are some like me who prefer the radio. It all has to do with our preferences and how we like to receive our information.

I sure recognize the importance of both TV and Internet but here are the times when radio suits me best. When I am at work in my office and I can keep up to date while I work. I find that when I am working the TV is often a distraction and in the opposite way the radio seems to soothe me best.

When I am in the car on my way somewhere, the Internet and TV are off limits to me. When I am elsewhere, TV and Internet are not available. Example, on the beach, while walking, in a restaurant, and so on. I really find that the radio is more of a friend or companion to me while I am outdoors. I find that I need to concentrate more when I listen to information on the Internet. I use the radio to keep up to date with breaking news, to listen to easygoing music, and of course, sporting events!

I often find that radio announcers are much more descriptive than their TV and Internet counterparts, but alas! Those watching TV and Internet programs can see what's going on and I am unable to do so. So here is where the radio fills the gap for me because everyone is on the same playing field; no one can see what's happening on the radio.

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