Friday, September 27, 2013

My favorite sand box

As I sit here writing this blog I can still remember my favorite sand box as clear as day. It was just right, the one at primary school. Not too big and not too small. Not too deep and not too shallow. Filled with soft white sand that simply slipped through my fingers each time I went to play with it.

This particular sand box was filled with all kinds of wonderful little toys. Little cars and trucks. Boats, buses, scooters, and mini buckets and spades. Hoes and rakes, and my favorites! Ducks, chickens, fishes, lobsters, and crabs. Everything was so colorful! Things in so many different colors and how I loved to play with them.

Sometimes I would sneak away at break time to play with them on my own. There I would kneel in front of my favorite sand box and there I would play with its contents. I would arrange the ducks and chickens in a line. Then do the same with the fishes, crabs, and lobsters. I would place the boats in a circle, and place the spades hoes and rakes in the little buckets. Then I'd drive the little cars and scooters around in the sand and do the same with the buses and trucks. I would compose stories on my own as my hands moved everything around.

The cars, boats, scooters, trucks and buses were of various colors ranging from blue and red to yellow and green. The ducks were blue, the chickens were yellow, the fishes were red and green, the lobsters were red, and the crabs were green. Buckets were blue and yellow and there were matching spades, hoes, and rakes and oh yes! The wheel barrow was a bright yellow.

I remember it all now and this is what keeps me alive and thinking. The ability to remember color as I can no longer see it now.

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