Thursday, September 26, 2013

Those scary wasps

For as long as I can remember, wasps have always been scary little things to me and I believe that as a general rule of thumb they are the same for many others. In a real world, the mainstream person can normally see them coming and approaching but for me as a bind person I cannot see their approach and by the time I hear them buzzing around me it is just that bit too late for me to either get out of their way or to defend myself.

As a kid, I was stung by them a few times. Sometimes I inadvertently strayed into their path and sometimes I tumbled upon their nest and I can tell you that they do not appreciate me invading their privacy. Their sting is hard and they are not about to let you invade their space. I respect these little insects and am constantly on alert for their presence no matter where I am. Thank the Lord that they only come out in the summer.

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