Friday, September 20, 2013

When the cousins were babies

I still have very vivid memories of when these little ones were babies. Oh how I used to love to play with them. Listening to them laugh, listening to them try to talk, and being so touched whenever they were able to say my name. I used to play all kinds of games with them. Mainly the ones where they would point at things and then I would ask them to tell me what they were.

I was never really sure if they knew that I was blind but that was okay. We played ball and I crawled around on the floor with them. They never tired of my company and I never tired of theirs. We played with boats in the bath tub. We swam in the sea under the very watchful eye of my dad, and then we played in the warm golden sand of the beach.

Their toys were my toys and my toys were their toys. I rocked them to sleep and as I did so I imagined them smiling up at me as I could not see their tiny expressions. I even got to dress them sometimes and give them their bottles. Then I would sing to them at bedtime, and tried teaching them how to count. They were lovable little ones and I shall forever cherish these memories.

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