Friday, October 4, 2013

My memories of the moon

O! That big round face that always seemed to smile down on me each time I looked up at her! For as long as I can remember until January of 2004, I was able to see her. No matter how small she was and how brightly she shone! I could see her.

After the demise of my vision in January 2004, I used my memory to conjure up images of her and it sure as anything works for me. Ah yes! My beloved moon! I could find her on any given night when I had enough vision to do so and when I was studying in England my dad had said to me before I left home: "Whenever you're feeling homesick just go out there and look up at the moon and I'll do the same and all will be well."

This magic formula sure worked for me because believe it or not I believed it and I knew that my dad would never let me down. Just like me, he would go out there and look up at the moon. He taught me so much about my beloved moon!

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