Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My introduction to music

For as long as I can remember, my introduction to music was one of happy times when I was but a tiny one and my parents had hoped for me to love music. I am not sure if their hopes were driven by the fact that I was blind but that does not really matter.

My mom tells me that at a very early age, I would sit near the family's large radio and engross myself in the music on the radio. She often recollects how I used to just sit there and become lost in the melodies and how I would do my best to listen intently and then try to replicate it on my baby piano. My foot would be tapping away and my face would have an expression of wonderment.

My first memory of my baby piano was a little blue one with black and white notes. Then came the red clarinette, the silver trumpet, and then the xylophone with the colored keys: pink, green, and yellow keys. I loved them all and cherished each one for everything that they afforded me. There was also the flute with the green and yellow bars.

In those days, I played extensively by ear and then one day shortly after my 8th birthday, I received a very precious gift: my very own big piano with all 88 notes. For this I shall always thank my parents. I picked many of my melodies by ear and oh how I loved to do it.

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