Friday, November 8, 2013

My introduction to cats

Ask me and I would readily tell you that dogs are my favorite pets but this does not mean that I do not have some fondness for the felines. As a kid we had many cats, ones that came in and out of our home freely.

My first memories of one of our cats is that of Margie, a pretty little black cat who used to jump onto the counter in our kitchen to have a look at me. At that time the counter and I were of the same height so it was quite easy for Margie and me to be at eye level.

There she was on the counter, standing quietly and looking into my eyes, and there I was looking back at her. In those days I could not really see very well as I had a bit of vision but not enough to really see all of Margie. However, I do remember her as seen through the haze of my poor vision.

Margie still stands out in my memory and will probably do so for as long as I live. Just a curious little lady cat who loved to stare at me whenever she could.

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