Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ruthie's Gym Show

A few months ago I had the pleasure and privilege of attending Ruthie's Gym Show. Ruthie is my eldest niece and what a delight she is. I have watched Ruthie grow from a baby to becoming and blossoming into a bright and delightful young lady who is now married to a wonderful man and she has a great daughter. I am extremely fortunate that I have had this opportunity to watch someone grow from birth to the present.

Back to the gym show. It was a different way for me to enjoy this type of event given that I can no longer see what's going on around me or on stage. So what did I do? I started by enjoying the music and then Mom described as much as she could to me as the various dances and gym displays moved along.

I allowed the images to dance in my mind and I used Mom's descriptions to create my own pictures of what was going on. Maybe my pictures were not always accurate but that's okay. In my mind's eye I saw kids of all ages dancing, jumping, and doing their various gymnastics. I imagined their costumes and everything else. At the end of it all I had a wonderful time!

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