Friday, November 22, 2013

My preference for apps

Call me lazy but at the end of the day I do not think that I would be the only one choosing to go down this path. In short, I prefer to use apps to keep in touch with my favorite websites. I find it easier to use my iPhone to surf whenever I want to do this quickly. I can do it easily and most of the apps that I have on my iPhone can do the job quite nicely for me.

I read my newspapers, check on my favorite hockey team (the Montreal Canadiens), and communicate with others on Skype through my iPhone. Sometimes I even use my iPhone to communicate on Twitter and soon I'll be using it for Facebook.

Apps are getting easier to use with each passing day. So many people are developing apps for all kinds of things and I am even using apps for other functions such as scanning and reading, for checking out bar codes, plus much more. Ah yes! My preference for apps. No, I will not be deserting Internet surfing through my computer any time soon but I am sure having fun with my apps.

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