Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Paths in the sky

This was one of my favorite games when I was growing up. You may find it a bit strange but it is how I was able to use my very limited vision to entertain myself. My goal was almost always to be able to find as many paths as I could among the clouds and anything else that I could see.

On so many occasions and on so many quiet evenings, I would sit on my patio at home and look up at the sky. I would crane my neck to locate the clouds, the patches of blue skies, and the sun and then I would go to work. I would pretend that I could walk among the clouds and then stand on the blue patches.

How well I remember those pink and orange sunsets with dark clouds drifting by. How well I remember the puffy white clouds gliding noiselessly by and they all seemed to be following a bright ball of sunshine. Sometimes the dark clouds and the white clouds would interact and I would try to carve paths in my mind among them.

I have such wonderful memories of my path-finding games. Memories that are cherished forever and memories that I often dust off and allow my mind to take in. Memories that help me to keep on going now that I am no longer able to play them because of my lack of vision.

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