Thursday, November 28, 2013

How I can tell when rain is coming

Now, you may be thinking that I must be a farmer in my own right but this is not the case. It is a very simple trick that I learned in grade school. Our teachers taught it to us and almost all of the time it works.

It goes like this. You need to pay attention to the smells around you, especially so to an earth-like smell. It is somewhat difficult for me to describe but the best that I can do is to say that it is an earth-like smell.

When this smell is detected you can bet the barn that rain is not very far behind. For many blind persons, and including me, our sense of smell is probably more acute than the mainstream person so it is often easier for us to detect this smell before others around us.

For whereas a sighted person can look out at the skies and see dark clouds approaching, blind persons would have to depend on other cues and one of my favorite and most reliable ones is that well-known earth-like smell. Or, to be more precise, an earthy smell.

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