Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Remembering Mom's home

I still remember Mom's old home, every nook and every cranny. Every kitchen cupboard, and every spot in our beloved living room. I remember our bathrooms and the dining area but most of all the beloved balcony.

Whenever I want to relax and remember, I bring up memories of Mom's home and allow them to linger in my mind. I can still see everything so clearly; the colors of the walls and curtains, where things were placed, and you know what? With precious little vision now to be able to appreciate her present home, I use my memories to help me move on.

I can still picture the spot where the piano stood. I can still picture where our dogs used to lie and sleep. I can still picture the kitchen so warm and inviting with the lovely colors of the cupboards and floor but most of all I can picture my old bedroom. My beloved bed with the tasteful sheets, the desk and the books, and my closet with my clothes.

Call me crazy for paying attention to all of this but it is just part of my using my memory to help me remember.

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