Friday, April 18, 2014

The snowy streets of Montreal

Ah yes! My beloved city and the one that shall always be a part of me! How well I remember this city, from when I had but just a bit of vision to having so much vision and now to having so very little. It does not matter, however! The snowy streets will always stand out in my mind.

Oh, on a cool winter's day as I skidded and slid on the sidewalks doing my best to keep my feet under me. Or simply playing in the snowbanks with my cane as I walked home from school. Or doing my best to fend off the cold as I walked to a restaurant to meet some friends.

On an early December day as I walked on a snowy Montreal street trying to fend off huge snowflakes as they came racing towards my hair and cheeks but I knew that I could never win the battle because they were all ganging up against me; all against one! Then I would have to stand and wait for the Santa Claus parade to go by on a snowy street corner with my hands buried deep in the pockets of my ski jacket!

On a mid February day walking along and doing my best to keep my balance. Cars swishing by and me praying that I would not be splashed by any of these fast-moving cars. Then on a dreary January day as I walked with my head down,
doing my best to avoid the biting winds, the falling snow, and trying to remain upright because below the fluffy carpet of snow there was ice.

So many pictures of those snowy streets of Montreal linger in my mind and will probably do so forever. It does not matter how much vision I had or have now, these are memories forever.

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