Friday, April 11, 2014

Walking on the jetty

This is probably one of the most interesting sensations for me: walking on the jetty.

When I had enough vision to appreciate my surroundings, I used to love to walk on the jetty and admire the water lapping at the jetty's structure. It was so lovely, water gently lapping at the jetty and a fresh crisp breeze blowing through my hair and down my cheeks. Sun shining down on me or a bright moonlight overhead.

This was when I could see but now it is somewhat different walking on the jetty with practically no vision. I often do this with family members in attendance. They walk very closely beside me and go out of their way to describe my surroundings: boats in the bay or sailing out to sea. Other people walking along and swimmers enjoying the peaceful ocean. Fish jumping high into the air some distance away and me and my family just walking along on a pleasant and almost perfect day!

Sometimes the jetty would shake slightly as the water lashes it. Sometimes it is moist from the water's spray and at other times it is dry and hard. Sometimes the surface of the jetty is hot to the touch while at other times it is cool and it all depends on the time of day.

Ah yes! Memories of my beloved jetty!

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