Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Memories of a skyline

Oh how much I simply love to sit and remember images of various skylines! Now that I am no longer able to see anywhere near enough to do it live, I find another way to perpetuate my memories. On any quiet evening I sit in my favorite chair in my den and do just this. Or I may sit on my mom's patio and allow my imagination to drift lazily upwards to those special memories.

Toronto's skyline is probably one of my favorite memories, followed closely by that of Montreal! Those gigantic office towers standing tall and proud with so much light reflecting off of the magnificent glass windows. So many buildings for me to remember: The CN tower, the Air Canada Center, the various hotels and so much more in downtown Toronto and similar landmarks in Montreal.

The one thing that I need to remember is that my memories of those skylines are probably outdated now, since losing my vision in early 2004, the skylines of both cities have changed so much! That's okay, though! I can still use my memories to keep me on track.

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