Thursday, April 10, 2014

Memories of the mountains

Oh yes, my beloved memories of mountains! Just thinking of them makes me quiver with such emotion. Those majestic mountains! I can still conjure up memories of them all!

First off: Memories of the Air Canada aircraft approaching the mountains of Trinidad! Those majestic mountains standing proudly and happily as if to say, "Here we are! Come and say hello to us!" They were simply beautiful, and so densely populated with houses of all sizes, trees, and rolling greenery!

Then the mountains near the beach of Maracas in Trinidad! Hauntingly beautiful and simply standing there for any and everyone to admire! So many other mountains to remember in various countries. Mountains of all sizes! Mountains of all shapes! Some of them more densely populated than others! Some with more greenery than others! Some of them taller than others! Some of them towering over valleys and others standing over rolling hills!

Ah yes! My beautiful mountains forever and maybe some day I'll get to see all of this once more.

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