Thursday, April 3, 2014

That Air Canada silver jet bird

Oh how beautiful she was to me! Gliding lazily over a rich blue Caribbean sea with the sun blazing down on her! She was big but graceful! She was fast and noiseless and she was the best!

I shall always remember her each time I travel to the Caribbean. In better times I used to board her on flights to the Caribbean, but sadly enough she no longer goes there!

So many of us used to stand and simply admire her beauty! I for one always looked back at her each time I disembarked at the airport! There she would stand, proud and upright! She sparkled or rather glittered in the warm Caribbean sunshine and her maple leaf displayed so proudly on her sleek body!

Yet another memory for me to keep carefully treasured in my memory bank. I can no longer see things like this type of image but that's okay! I have it all memorized!

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