Friday, April 4, 2014

The different colors of lights

I still love to play this game with myself whenever sleep has decided to play tricks on me. That is, whenever I am unable to enter dreamland quickly.

I have always enjoyed watching colors and it is probably one of the greatest things that I miss now that I am unable to see. My imagination almost always kicks into high gear whenever called upon.

I imagine the colors of lights as easy as anything whenever I want. Red reminds me of an evening in December, ice skating around an outdoor rink. Red lights winking back at me as I skate around with an ice cold wind in my face. A yellow light reminds me of the headlights of cars as they travel along a busy street or neon signs on the fronts of stores.

A green light reminds me of cars getting the signal to go about their business. Purple reminds me of a night at the disco and it is the same for blue. Orange reminds me of a low lit room where everyone is talking in hushed tones. Pink reminds me of anything that is confusing to me after I have had one too many to drink!

These are my memories for what they are worth. The colors of lights on a night when I am unable to sleep. Red, yellow, green, purple, blue, and pink!

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