Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Remembering the playground

Ah yes! One of my favorite memories, remembering the playground at my grade school. It was big and airy. It was outdoors and oh so grassy. There was so much space for us kids to jump, run, hop, and skip. It was like Heaven to me and I just loved to go out at lunch and play.

I used to just enjoy walking in the thick grass and how I remember those cool mornings when we used to go out and practice for sports day. Us girls would walk arm in arm to the playground and there those with functional vision would help to coach those of us with not too much vision. I fell into the second category and so I had coaches, so to speak, to help me out.

There was a flat part and then there was a bit of a hilly part. There was a sandy part and then the large grassy part. There was the jungle gym for us to climb and swing on and then there was the swimming pool! There were no obstacles in our way for us to run into and hurt ourselves. The boys played cricket and soccer and the girls ran and played.

Ah yes! Memories of my playground!

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