Thursday, April 17, 2014

The green fields of England

Ah yes, and so many years ago when I had the pleasure and privilege to experience those wonderful green fields of England. At the end of January of 2014 I returned to England for a chess theme tournament but this time I was not lucky enough to reacquaint myself with those treasured green fields because it was winter time.

I still have vivid memories of the English green fields. A springtime day when I strolled through them, enjoying the fresh British air and listening to the kids laugh and play. The green grass at my feet, a thick carpet of nature. The sun streaming down on me and the birds singing in trees nearby. The flowers blooming, sending forth their fragrance and displaying their colorful petals.

Strolling in the English green fields on a day in the fall. When the grass was still green, the sun was high in the sky but not too warm, and there was a cool wind blowing across my body. Ah yes! The air was still very fresh then but there was a bite to the winds. The flowers were starting to fold their tents for the oncoming winter and the birds had already left for their warmer climes.

Finally, a rainy day in the fall as I walked with my school friends in the soggy grass. The sky was misty and the sun was taking a break for the day. No birds, no flowers, but just the gentle raindrops falling lazily down on us as we walked.

All of this is and shall forever be in my memory bank. In those days I had very limited vision but this did not prevent me from enjoying the green fields of England.

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