Friday, March 7, 2014

Playing with the tiny toys

Growing up with two brothers meant for me that I spent lots of time playing with their toys. I had lots of fun doing it and as I sit writing this blog I can still vividly remember it all.

I had so much fun playing with their tiny cars, jeeps, buses, trucks, vans, and armored vehicles. I also played with their toy soldiers and war planes and boats and it enabled and allowed me to use my imagination to a great extent.

I used to drive the tiny toys up and down the carpet and onto the bare floors of our home. I used to imagine all kinds of things. Anything from delivering newspapers in my little van to driving myself to school. I used to pretend that I could drive any of these tiny toys on my own. I used to either play by myself or play with my brothers.

Out of all of this came some very important experiences for me. I learned to imagine. I learned the shapes of various vehicles, and I learned to develop my various motor skills. I also learned to play with all kinds of toys other than my girl toys.

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