Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On a dark street with no one around

At the best of times, standing on a dark street waiting for your ride when there is no one around, well, it is very scary. For a blind person like me, it is even more scary.

This is what happened to me at Christmastime of 2013 as my mom and I stood waiting for our ride after Mass. The street was dark and practically deserted and as I stood there I am not ashamed to tell you that my imagination sort of took control of me. Here I was, trying to be strong and trying to show my mom that I was not afraid, but truth be told, I was indeed very afraid!

I began to imagine that there were shadows creeping out of the dark at us and that there were ghosts peeping at us from behind trees and fences. I began to imagine that bad men on tiptoes were walking down the sidewalk towards us and that soon pairs of hands would be grabbing me and dragging me away.

I never asked my mom what she thought but I am sure that she, too, was somewhat scared. We were extremely fortunate that night as the priest came out of the church after about 10 minutes and stood waiting with us until our ride arrived. I thank dear FR Charles for having been our guardian angel that night.

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