Friday, March 14, 2014

Almost everything has a name

This was what I have always been used to and it is how my mom has helped me to identify things throughout my life. This especially pertains to things around me in my home. Anything from shoes and slippers to cups and saucers, pots and pans, and even pieces of clothing.

Mom and I have named things based on such criteria as: Who gave it to me, who uses it, when it was given or first worn, where it was bought, and so on. So we have had Granny's bathing suit because Granny gave it to me. Mom's cup because Mom uses it. Dad's plate because he used it. Auntie's jeans because she gave them to me.

This has helped me greatly because Mom has not had to mention shape and color to me when identifying things if she did not feel like doing so. When I had enough vision to see things, she of course used descriptions in addition to her naming conventions. Let's put it like this: the naming convention strategy has served as a great backup and now as one of the main ways for Mom to communicate with me now that my vision is gone.

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