Thursday, March 6, 2014

When the computer became disconnected

Ah yes! One of the more routine challenges for me to keep in mind. In the normal scheme of things, my computers are all in one place in my own home and are always connected. But when you go to spend vacation at someone's home and take your computer along, here is where the challenge comes in.

At Christmastime last year, I took my netbook along as I spent Christmas vacation at my mom's home. I had set up my computer but on this particular day, Mom and I had decided to do some decorating and we had to move things around. We moved the computer temporarily and after I had put it back in its place I forgot to check to make sure that it was well connected to the outlet in the wall.

So how did I discover this? Well, here goes. Each time I turned it on it booted up fine. But then each time I left it for just a very brief moment, it went into sleep mode and when I returned to it the screen was blank and my screen reader's voice had gone silent.

At first, I thought that my poor little computer was dying on me. But luckily for me something clicked in my mind and I decided to check the connections. Sure enough! Yes, the plug was securely connected to the outlet in the wall but the connector from the computer to the second piece that was connected to the wall was not connected. I found both ends lying lazily on the floor and very much unconnected.

As soon as I had connected both pieces I could tell that all was well as the computer beeped and this told me that current was now flowing happily into my computer.

This, of course, can happen to anyone but for a blind person it is even more important to make sure that connections are properly in place. Now, please go out there and share my experience with others.

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