Thursday, March 27, 2014

When Dad taught me the cricket field

This was oh so many years ago, but I remember it as if it were just yesterday! I was a child then and he was my dad. Much taller than me, much stronger than me, and much smarter than me! This is how I remembered it all and to his passing he was all of these things to me.

Dad took me out to the cricket field and with an infinite amount of patience he walked me through the cricket field and explained everything to me. He walked with me on the cricket pitch and told me its dimensions. He showed me where the bowlers, batsmen, and wicket keeper would stand. Then he showed me where the stumps would be along with the wickets and bails.

After he was satisfied that I understood it all, he would walk me to the various positions in the field and explain the significance of each position. The final crowning moment would come when he would revisit the cricket pitch and then have me stand as a batsman to receive his incoming ball deliveries.

I can still remember it all! Dad's firm and gentle voice coaching me along and me standing there under a bright blue sky, sun streaming down on us, and a fresh savanna breeze playing across my cheeks and down my back! How much I enjoyed these precious moments, and at the end of our cherished session? Back home to a sumptuous lunch from mom and granny and my two brothers and of course, our dog, Yella!

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