Thursday, March 20, 2014

Imagining the menu

This is what I do almost every time I dine out. I put my imagination into high gear and off I go. Some of the time I can guess what's on the menu at restaurants that I go to frequently and it sure helps when the waiter comes to take my order. Sometimes I need sighted assistance to help me out here.

When I say that I imagine the menu, this is how it works with me. I can visualize the plates with the food neatly arranged on them and I associate this to my senses of smell and taste. Colorful foods dance in my head. Smells permeate, and the taste buds are quickly activated. In short, I do not have to see the food to appreciate it. My other senses are there to pick up the slack.

Call me crazy but this is what it is for me. I love imagining menus at restaurants.

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