Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Swimming in the sea with precious little vision

I may not have very much vision now, as a matter of fact it is almost zero, but this does not prevent me from enjoying my swims in my beloved sea. For whereas some years ago I could see things like fellow swimmers, the shore, the blue skies and clouds overhead, the white-capped waves and color of the sand and sea, this is no more for me.

In distant times I knew where the shore was through visual cues. I could see people walking on the beach, the color of the sand, and so much more. Now whenever I want to find the shore I need to use my orientation and gauge things through the movement of the current.

I'll tell you that at first when I had to start using this method it was very scary and nerve-wracking, but I have grown used to it and it's great fun swimming in a new type of environment. I now use my memory to help me enjoy swimming in my beloved sea. I can conjure up the face of the sun, the color of the sea, waves, and sand, and images of boats sailing by and blue skies and puffy white clouds as my ceiling.

Sometimes I venture out to sea a little further than what my mom would like, but that's the fun for me! Venturing beyond the deep blue sea so to speak. Ah yes! Swimming in my beloved sea!

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