Friday, March 28, 2014

Those memorable drives with the family

This used to be our Sunday afternoon activity when we were just kids. Each Sunday Mom and Dad would bundle us three kids into the family car and along with Granny we would go for a nice long drive. I used to look forward to these occasions as it gave us all an opportunity to be together and in those days I had everyone in the car describing things to me as we drove along.

Mom usually sat in the front seat alongside Dad as he drove and Jeffrey and I took turns sitting with them. Granny and Robert usually sat at the back, and boy, was it ever so much fun.

Sometimes Robert would spice up things by taking a scrap page and hanging it outside the car's window and there it would make a loud noise as it fluttered in the wind. Most times the radio in the car was off and I think that my parents left it off deliberately so that we could chat among ourselves.

I used to love to snuggle close to Granny and she would put her strong long arms around me and talk softly to me. Whenever I sat in the front seat between my parents, Mom would talk to me about all kinds of things, anything and everything, and usually entertained me with her stories. I always loved to listen to each member of my family as they chattered on and on: descriptions of trees, animals in passing fields, houses, buildings, everything!

We always found something to talk about among ourselves. My two brothers were quite entertaining and sometimes Jeffrey would lean out of the window to wave to passing motorists and others along the way. Such cherished memories, and at the end of it all? Back home for our Sunday evening meal and some more family time after supper.

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