Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What happened when the boxes got mixed up

At the best of times, I am normally super careful whenever I return home from my grocery shopping. I am ever so careful to ensure that I can identify the differences among tins, cans, and boxes but on this particular day something did not go right for me and I had to spend some extra time identifying some of the boxes.

It is usually easy to distinguish the various boxes of stuff. This is done based on weight, size, shape, and by shaking to ensure that it is, indeed, what I think it is. For example, boxes of jello are easily distinguished from boxes of cornflakes and boxes of shake and bake are easily distinguished from boxes of crackers. However, here is where the problem came for me.

I could not easily distinguish the difference between the box of shake and bake and the box of mazza balls. To make matters worse, I could not distinguish the difference between the boxes of stuffed chicken breasts and hamburger patties.

First I shook then I measured the boxes to see which was larger. The weight seemed to be equal and the sizes were an exact match. Smelling them would not have helped me on that day. So what did I have to do at the end? Open up each box and then examine the contents carefully by touch. Bingo!

Success! The shake and bake had a familiar smell and contained plastic bags for shaking. The mazza balls did not. The burgers were round and the stuffed chicken breasts were long. At last, I resolved my problems that day.

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