Thursday, August 15, 2013

When websites change

It is difficult enough at times for a blind person to be able to easily access a website, and it is a victory of sorts each time we are able to access and navigate any one website. However, when changes are made, and this cannot be helped, I for one have to re-familiarize myself with the landscape of the website in question. It is the same for any mainstream person but for a blind person it can be described as doubly difficult.

I, for one, have to learn where the new links are, how to find new information and where to go when I wish to complete forms. Sometimes the changes are not too difficult to manage but sometimes, when developers decide to insert new images and new software into the body of their website, then there is where the fun starts.

No, I do not expect that each time a developer changes their website that they announce it to the world but I am wondering if they could maybe put an announcement or some sort of notation at the top of their website? In the same way that companies do when you phone in and you hear that some of the menu options have changed? Just a thought from little old me!

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