Thursday, August 1, 2013

Using the water wings

They were a deep blue and yellow and how I loved them. They were what my dad would make me wear each and every time we went swimming in the sea. That was, until I learned how to swim. They were my constant companion each time we went swimming and they are what I used to learn how to swim.

I really do not remember when I graduated from not having to use them but that's really okay. Dad would take me swimming and allow me to paddle around. I would lie on my back and look up at the blue skies and gorgeous sun. Then I would flip onto my tummy and look down on the sun playing on the surface of the sea. Dad was always within reach if I needed him. Some times he would hold on to my wings and then at other times he would allow me to swim on my own but I knew that he was always right there with me.

I do not quite remember this part but I believe that my twin brother Jeffrey also had wings. My elder brother, Robert, did not have any as he was four years older than Jeffrey and me and was a good swimmer. After the water wings came the pink water pal and then after that I was allowed to swim as free as a fish.

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