Friday, August 23, 2013

Identifying my dogs by their voices

Yes indeed! They each had a very unique voice according to the sound in my ears. Their growls and barks were unique and this is how I identified them whenever they were out of my range.

Just like their personalities, each dog's voice was different. Yella had a soft but confident voice and bark. Tiger was much louder and braver. Lion was loud but tinged with timidity. Boyo's bark was medium to loud but tinged with some assuredness and Brownie's bark was simply loud and proud.

Each dog used their voice in a uniquely different way and each barked at various times for various reasons. It almost always used to amaze my family how I could identify our dogs whenever they were out and about. I knew each voice like the back of my hand and I even knew their growls and could easily distinguish them.

I did not have enough vision as a child to distinguish my dogs by sight so I had to depend on their voices. Of course whenever they were within my reach I had no difficulty distinguishing them.

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