Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bicycling with Dad

These precious memories shall forever remain in my memory bank. As early as I can remember, Dad and I used to bicycle whenever we could. In those days, my vision was very limited but it never stopped me from wanting to bicycle with him.

My first bike was a four wheel one and then I graduated to the three wheel and finally to the two wheeler. Dad was always there to be with me. At first, he walked alongside me as I rode and then when I got good enough he bicycled next to me.

My favorite memories were those of riding on the beach with him. He cruised along with me and allowed me to cycle as fast as I could. Then, when he felt that I was ready, he challenged me to races. I am almost sure to this day that he almost always allowed me to win. That was my dad: always encouraging, motivating, and challenging.

We rode mainly in the morning or late in the afternoon. As I rode I would look towards the waves breaking gently against the shore and then down at the golden sand. Dad never failed to give me a running commentary of everything that was around me as we rode. From a description of the blue skies and white clouds, to the rolling waves and blue green sea and fishes jumping in the ocean close to shore to children playing on the beach and parents strolling close by. So many wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

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