Thursday, August 22, 2013

Counting the lights

How well I remember this very simple childhood game! I used to engage in counting the street lights as Dad drove down the street in our family's car. I used to love doing this and sometimes my elder brother, Robert, and my granny would join in. There were the sodium lights which were round and orange in color and the florescent lights which were long and of a more yellowish color.

Sometimes I would get it wrong and Robert and Granny would correct me but most times I was spot on. These little games usually took place at night as we drove down the city's streets or on main roads. I never tired of doing this and sometimes Robert and Granny would simply drop out of my little game if they became bored or tired.

That was just fine with me and I just went on counting. Ah yes, those little childhood games that still remain with me. My vision no longer allows me to count the lights but that's very okay with me. I have the memories!

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