Thursday, August 29, 2013

No need for help in the bathroom

Whenever anyone offers to help me to navigate a public bathroom, I almost always turn down their offer and I do it very nicely and respectfully. Yes, I know that people mean well in wanting to help me as a blind person, but that's okay. I can navigate it and I thank the good Lord for this.

This does not mean that every blind person is the same. No, not at all and I encourage society to keep on offering help to other blind persons when it comes to assistance at navigating a public bathroom. The layout of a public bathroom is never the same and there is really no commonality. In short, there is always going to be a tiny difference in each layout.

I believe that over the years, architects of public bathrooms have made a concerted effort to generalize the layout but there is always going to be tiny differences. The one common denominator will always be the elements that are found in a bathroom. We need to think of it like this: layouts of a bathroom differ from home to home.

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