Friday, August 9, 2013

Granny was my reader

This she was when I was a child. She read any and everything to me. From the newspapers to letters from aunts and cousins and from books to scraps of paper that contained notes which she felt I should know about.

I used to enjoy when she read to me from her Prayer Book, too. She read all of the daily prayers, the Psalms, and then she would read the Bible stories to me. She read the crossword puzzles and we did them together. She read the comics to me and then the headlines. Each Sunday, just before I would drift off for my afternoon nap, she would proceed to read from the newspapers to me. Oh, how much I loved and treasured those very precious memories with my beloved granny. Yes indeed, Granny was my reader!

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  1. I did this for my Son Chris until he was about 7 and we discovered screen readers and scanners. Really though results were rubbish then; in the 90's. Since he discovered Apple equipment like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Macbook and voiceover and other accessible app's in 2010 his world is transformed and improving with every new development. "Haptic Touch Screens" on mobile phones/pads next on the horizon, that will be great for weather maps. Chris is a keen weather predictor and some of the new iPhone apps are brilliant for that, the apple map system is accessible via apps to blind peeps. Chris is really advanced on technolgical accessibilty issues and would like to share his skills his email is