Friday, July 19, 2019

A special childhood memory: Candleflies around me

I could never really tell that they were, indeed, around me so I had to take the word of my brothers and cousins. They usually came out at night and they lived at the seaside.  

We would venture outdoors and walk in the fresh cool air of the night and then they would come. They would emit lights of various colours. That is, they would seem to light up as they flew but if you caught them and put them in a container they would not light up. So everyone had to be content to simply admire them as they flew around.  

For me, it meant using my imagination to help me admire them. I had to depend on the descriptions given to me by my parents, brothers, and cousins.  My granny would often go into great detail to describe their presence to me because she knew how much I loved them. I would always be smiling whenever anyone, especially Granny, would describe them to me.

Candleflies were not your ordinary fruit flies! No, they were like little treasures in the night! Graceful, elegant, and beautiful! They were not afraid to mingle among us and they were always so ready to show off their presence!

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