Thursday, July 18, 2019

A special childhood friend: Memories of my beach ball

I probably had many of these but I can honestly say that they were all my favourite ones.  You are probably wondering why beach balls would stand out in my mind and in response I'll say this!  They were all colourful and so easy to play with.  

They were probably my childhood favourites and I never tired of playing with them. They were my constant companions and I always took time to make sure that I could find them each time I put them aside.

I played with them whenever my family played ball games and I also played with them on my own. I would toss them up in the air and then watch them return to me. Or I would throw them to others around me and then wait for them to throw them back at me.  

We played on the beach. We played in the sea and we played on our outdoor patio at our beach house.  I would often sit on our couch and hold my beach ball close on my lap or hug it close to me whenever I had room to do so on our couch.  

I simply adored their many colours and their soft, comfy feel. Oh yes!  My beloved beach ball forever.

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