Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Forever my treasured memory: My beloved buttercup

So many memories for me to love, cherish, and guard forever whenever I think of my beloved buttercup. I thank God that when I first met this beautiful flower I had just enough vision to appreciate it! 

She was tall, yellow which is my favourite colour, and she was so smooth and strong. I met her when I was just a wee one and I always looked forward to when our teachers would take us for walks up the hill.  

There she was, just waiting for me to come looking for her. Our teachers would show us where to find the buttercups and then they would help us to pick whichever one we wished.

Sometimes I would pick just one but most of the time I would pick two or three.  Then I would hold them fervently in my little hands, holding onto them with all of my tiny might.  

I would touch them gently, hold them upright, and simply admire their bright yellow colour.  I would bring them up to my nose and smell them and there was a sweet smell that was not too strong; just strong enough for my nostrils.

Oh, how I loved these beauties of nature and they bring back so many super childhood memories for me.

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