Wednesday, August 7, 2019

My beloved home street: Mom's view of Tragarete Road

Her view is nice and simple: a somewhat exciting and noisy street when we were growing up, to one today that is a lot quieter. No nightly activities and no one fighting or dogs chasing each other anymore. 

Truth be told, I somewhat miss the dogs barking and playing on the pavements. I miss the folks interacting with each other, and I sure miss the smells of baking goodies. 

There used to be a cinema when we were kids but that, too, is gone and now it has been replaced by a night club where music is nothing but noise and booming beats ringing out.  The cars still travel down our beloved Tragarete Rd but there are not as many.  Even the gas station at the corner is much quieter now.

I guess as they say: things should not be expected to remain the same forever.  Things change and times change and this is our beloved Tragarete Road today.

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