Thursday, August 8, 2019

Humorous but challenging: Searching for the rubber band

Looking back on this experience now, I can only smile.  You see, when they fall they do not make any sound so one needs to use their sense of direction to try and determine where it could have fallen. That is, if you are blind or vision-impaired.

This is exactly what I did when it fell and whereas for a person with sight it is much easier, it is not for me as a blind person.  As long as I remember this, I’ll be just fine. 

I had made up my mind that this search was going to take a few minutes but thanks to my internal GPS I managed to find said rubber band much more quickly than expected.

I went down on my hands and knees and began methodically to move my hands around. I was careful to move my hands in sync and over specific areas of my kitchen. I think that it took me about two minutes to find my rubber band and it was probably in the area where I felt it should be.

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