Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Exercising my imagination: Synchronizing the colors

This is something that I continue to do and I believe that it all has to do with the fact that having had functional vision until 2004, I was able to see colors. Now, each time I encounter an object, especially if it is new, I go through the process of synchronizing the color to the object.

Colors shall forever remain in my mind.  Roses will forever be red, skies forever blue, floating clouds always white, and sunrises and sunsets forever yellow and pink, respectively.

I have found this to be a terrific reference point for me because each time I encounter new objects I am able to quickly put color to object.  Most times I ask what color something is and after being told I do the synchronization. But if I do not know, then I put my own color to the new object and this sure helps me to cope.

I try to have fun doing it and most times it puts a smile on my face. Truth be told, though, it also often makes me sad because it makes me realize how much I miss being able to see color.

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